Dave Davidson

Psychotherapy & Counselling in Central London & Alresford, Hants


I offer short and medium term counselling work, as well as longer-term psychotherapy.  Shorter term work (beginning at around 6 sessions) would likely focus on particular distressing issues you are seeking to address, whilst psychotherapy tends to be open-ended and more exploratory in nature. 

Psychotherapy may be suitable if you wish to take the time and space to reflect on your experiences more deeply - perhaps you sense that your problem is not a ‘quick fix’ and are looking for a therapist capable of serious in-depth work; you may feel the need for change but are not certain where to begin, or perhaps you have tried other, shorter-term forms of help which have not met your needs.  Perhaps you do not feel you have a specific 'problem' but wish to invest in yourself and discover and live more in accordance with your real values and life purpose.

The fee for both initial consultations and regular sessions is £60 in London and £50 in Alresford. I have a limited number of lower cost slots; please enquire for current availability.

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